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We had a blast at Seattle Cake Con 2020!

Seattle Cake Con was last weekend, February 16th and 17th. It definitely was the sweetest​

​ spot in Seattle that weekend. It was an amazing experience! It was nice to see fellow dessert friends and to have met so many more!

This experience definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and tested my skills in so many ways. There were many moments during the month before in planning and creating each detail that I was overwhelmed and wondering why I committed myself to such a huge event. Do you ever have those moments where you just want to bail? But, of course, can't! I had to remind myself that I couldn't give up - for so many reasons from my pride to honoring my commitment and showing others that it's possible to live out a dream. In the end, I learned that anything is possible and figureoutable (thank you Marie Forleo!).

It was so much fun spending 2 days with other like minded dessert lovers and makers making all the hard work that went into planning and preparing all worth it. On Day 2, there was the Cake Competition Ceremony and it proved to be very rewarding. My competition cake for the Professional Wedding Cake Category won 2nd place. What a huge accomplishment and that moment when you see all the hours of learning and testing new techniques paid off.

I do want to acknowledge here I'm so grateful to my family - Ken, Khaleel and Nyssa that without them supporting me and living the daily sacrifice for me to live out this cake dream; all of this wouldn't be possible. An enormous thank you to my family and friends - Michelle, Eileen, Brian, Cady, Marivic, Lolo & Lola who not only support me daily but helped me create an amazing booth together. I may say I'm a one woman show but I only have a vision and make the cakes but my village does the rest to bring it all to life. I'm so blessed and grateful to have them in my life.

I'm also very thankful for all my wonderful clients and followers for the love and support you give to help grow Caked Goods. You allow me to serve happiness one cake at a time.

Isn't this cake swing so pretty!

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