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Serving Happiness One Cake at a Time

Nine years ago, I started a journey of baking cakes and dreaming of a tea house.  I fell in love with learning recipes and making buttercream.  Once I understood how to alter and flavor recipes while keeping the structure and moistness; I started to create my own recipes.  It was messy, but the results were oh so yummy.  I knew I wanted to take it a step further to offer more.  So, I started creating recipes blending island flavors and my Filipino heritage.  Those flavors we so fun to figure out and they continue to be customer favorites. 

I have been fortunate to be taught and guided by some of the leaders in the baking world through classes and online portals in order to expand my skills to become a cake designer.  I certainly lean on my background in fashion to create balanced and colorful designs.  Even in my process of researching trends, sketching cake ideas, playing with texture and different cake media in decorating I’m able to translate your ideas to create cakes that are balanced in design and of course flavor.   

Today Caked Goods creates artistic custom cakes for weddings and special occasions.  Specializing in buttercream cakes embellished with modeling chocolate, fondant and wafer paper details as well as entremet wedding cakes.  I love being able to translate your vision into cake.  I work closely with you to design a unique and perfect cake for you to create lasting impressions and moments.  

I’m here to serve happiness one cake at a time.  How can I serve you?


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