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October Popup

We are so excited for our popup this Saturday, October 28 at Hood Famous Bakeshop starting at 11am-8pm. 

We will have limited quantities so come out early before we sell out.  

We will be selling our signature cupcakes to not only celebrate Hood Famous’ one year anniversary and also Filipino American History month.  Our four-pack of cupcakes will be:

Halo Halo cupcake

This is a fun take on a classic Filipino dessert.  Halo Halo means “mix together”.  This yummy treat is a mix of shaved ice, milk, sweet beans, langka, coconut, sago, Ube, and various other fruits.  We have infused all these flavors into our halo halo cupcake with a sweet milk cake, langka filling, Ube buttercream and halo halo toppings.  

Calamansi cupcake - Calamansi (Philippine lime or Calamondin) a small, round citrus fruit ubiquitous to the Philippines. It looks like a small lime with a beautiful tangerine colored inside. The flavor is tart like a lemon/limeade. It is used widely throughout Filipino cooking.  

Our Calamansi Cupcakes are filled with Calamansi Curd and frosted with Calamansi buttercream has a yummy tropical citrus flavor.  

Chocolate Coconut Caramel -

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  

Our twist to the Filipino mocha cake.   We have a dark mocha cake filled with coconut caramel and iced with white chocolate buttercream and a caramel drizzle.  

Turon cupcake

Turon is a sweet banana lumpia (or spring roll) traditionally made with bananas and jackfruit.  

Our fun twist is a banana cake baked in a phyllo shell topped with banana compote and caramel buttercream then drizzled with a coconut caramel.  

I have had so much fun creating channeling my childhood and flavors of my mom’s desserts.  Sharing with my siblings and friends pinpointing each flavor to get them just right and create the perfect recipe.  I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

Love popups?  I know I do!!  Here’s a list of other popups happening around the city from Seattle Eater.

We hope to see you on Saturday, October 28 at Hood Famous Bakeshop in Ballard!!!

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